Build Cool Stuff with JavaScript and Node.js
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Image Manipulation

Programmatically resize, color correct or modify images.

Web Scraping

Automate your interactions with the web. Programmatically scrape website data, take screenshots.

Command-Line Applications

Build programs that can be controlled from the command-line (terminal).

Natural Language Processing

Perform NLP operations such as language detection and sentiment analysis.

Data Analysis

Practice analyzing and working with large sets of data.

Web APIs

Use Web APIs to get news headlines, stock market and even cryptocurrency data.

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Awesome Coding is a book for beginners that teaches coding from scratch by using JavaScript and Node.js. In this book, you will work on practical projects that include data analysis, image manipulation, web scraping, command-line applications, natural language processing, and web APIs to get news, stock, and even cryptocurrency data. I am a self-taught developer, so I wanted to create an engaging book that is easily accessible by beginners. If you want to learn coding from scratch with highly practical, applicable, and useful examples, this is the right book for you.
This book is for complete beginners who would like to start learning JavaScript and Node.js with practical, interesting, and awesome examples. Prior coding knowledge is not required.

What Readers Are Saying...

Elena - UX Designer
This book is pretty good for beginners. I knew nothing about coding before but now it is making more sense to me. It has a lot of examples that are very helpful!
Arjun - Senior Industry Analyst
Awecome Coding has a lot of useful examples on how coding can be used to tackle practical problems. It is easy to follow and understand.
Bianca - Senior Product Designer
I know some HTML and CSS as a designer but this book has been my first introduction to Javascript. I found this book to be super easy to follow even for a complete beginner.
David - Senior Product Manager
As a product manager, I work with software engineers on a daily basis, and learning even a bit about coding helps me understand how they approach and tackle problems. This book is very accessible and helped me get to insight into how programming works.

Table of Contents

About the Author

Hi there! 👋 My name is Engin Arslan. I am a software developer based in Zürich. Before becoming a developer, I worked as a visual effects artist/technical director on films and TV shows, including Resident Evil 4, Tron, Mama, Pompeii, Vikings, and Strain. I received an Emmy Nomination and won a Canadian Screen Award for my Visual Effects work. During my time in VFX, I fell in love with Python and with programming in general. As a result, I have taught myself web development and changed careers to immerse myself completely in software development.

Currently, I am working as a front-end engineer. I am also an author for a couple of online courses and books, such as Awesome Coding. I was a professor at Seneca College in Toronto for 5 years, teaching programming to complete beginners.

My Teaching Style

I am a self-taught developer. I know how learning to code from scratch can be really challenging. My own learning journey made me very opinionated about how coding should be taught to beginners. Here are the principles that I abide by when I teach anything.

Progressive Disclosure

Not everything about a subject would be immediately relevant to you. In fact, you can go very far without knowing certain basic things when starting out. You could drive a car for a long time without knowing anything about how the engine works.

Hide Complexity

There can be things about any craft that you don't even have to learn at all. There is a chemistry to how molecules interact with each other when you are cooking, but you can be an excellent chef without knowing anything about it

Don't Oversimplify

Coding is an intellectual endeavour, and there are things about it that are absorbing and interesting. I believe in hiding complexity, but I don't agree with oversimplifying things. Imagine learning a new language and not being taught a single line of poetry or an expression. Where is the excitement in that?

Make it Actionable

It would be tough to learn how to play poker by just reading about it. At some point, you need to practice your learnings to get better at it. Coding is like that too. You can read all about it but what you learn needs to be enforced by exercises and examples.

Keep it Relevant and Inclusive

I try to have relevant and applicable examples to real-life situations. I personally find it painful when I come across a coding exercise that is not applicable or so niche that I can't even bother to learn what is being discussed. Using Star Wars characters when teaching might be fun if your audience is into that universe but can be a barrier when they haven't seen the movies.

One Thing at a Time

If I am learning statistics and being taught about it over an example of baseball, that means there are now two new things for me to worry about. There are much simpler examples to draw from and keep it to teaching one complex thing at a time.

Build Cool Stuff with JavaScript and Node.js
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

If this book fails to meet your expectations for any reason, please get in touch within 14 days, and you'll get a full refund.

Is this book available in print?

Not at the moment! It is only available as an ebook in PDF and epub formats.

Will I have to pay for the updated versions of the book?

This book is being updated and improved continuously. Purchase of this book entitles you to all the future updates for FREE.

Who is this book for?

This book is for complete beginners who would like to start learning JavaScript and Node.js with practical, interesting, and awesome examples. Prior coding knowledge is not required. Experienced programmers that would like to learn JavaScript can also benefit from this book.

Questions or Feedback?

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or feedback.