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Lecture 1: History of Blockchain Technology

History of Blockchain Technology - History of digital currency and blockchains - Problems with previous implementations - Chaum’s ecash, Adam Back’s hashcash, Szabo’s bitgold, etc.

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Lecture 2: Public-key Cryptography

Public-key cryptography - How does it work? - Public and private keys - One-way functions

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Lecture 3: Introduction to Hashing

Introduction to Hashing - What is hashing? - Cryptographic hashing algorithms - Collision-resistance - Hiding - Puzzle-friendliness

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Chainlink, the solution to delivering data to smart contracts

Sergey Narzarov from Chainlink discusses oracles, issues with current smart contracts, polkadot, and what he is excited for in 2019 during W3F's track at EthCC.

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Web3 Foundation - The Next Evolution of the Internet - Dr. Gavin Wood

The internet has been viewed as transformative for society. But we are still effectively applying the same old business models and hierarchical structures to new technology. Dr. Gavin Wood, Founder of Web3 Foundation, Parity Technologies and Ethereum, explains why it's important for the internet to evolve into a truly decentralised web in order to allow for entirely new societal structures to be created.

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dotGo 2016 - Péter Szilágyi - Immutability in Go: Post mortem from a DoS-ed blockchain

Filmed at on October 10th in Paris. More talks on The tried-and-true approach to sharing memory in Go is via communication. Yet there are scenarios where the amount of data is prohibitively expensive to pass around. Instead of falling back to locks, immutable data structures provide an alternative way, where we can achieve concurrent access to shared memory while at the same time make reasoning about complexity much easier.

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Lecture 5: Blockchain-Related Data Structures and Concepts

Blockchain-related data structures and concepts - Hash pointers - Hash chains - Merkle trees

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Web3 Foundation: Decentralized Exchange Meetup, 24 JAN 18 - Berlin

Web3 Foundation hosts a meetup to discuss Decentralized Exchanges after a Berlin workshop where a number of DEX projects came together to discuss ecosystem challenges. Presenting in the video are: 0:00, 2:35 Web3 Foundation Introduction - Dr. Gavin Wood & Peter Czaban 5:40 Radar Relay - Alan Curtis - An overview on Radar Relay + Centralized vs. Decentralized Exchanges 25:03 AirSwap - Michael Oved - Airswap and the token marketplace + Introduction to different liquidity types 44:51 Gnosis PM - Christiane Ernst - Gnosis DEX presentation + Auction Mechanism implemented in the Gnosis DEX 01:06:40 Kyber Network - TN Lee - Introduction to Kyber Network + Co-existing with Centralized Exchanges 01:27:55 Melonport - Gautham Nekkanti - Melonport walkthrough + Cross-chain exchanges 01:47:52 Web3 Foundation - Matthew Di Ferrante - Privacy-preserving exchanges 02:08:21 OmiseGO - David Knott - OmiseGo's 100% public DEX

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Lecture 4: Hashing In-Depth

Hashing In-Depth - Merkle-Damgard transforms - Digital signatures - Public identities

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Lecture 6: Decentralization

Decentralization - Distributed Consensus - Attacks on distributed consensus: False spending - block creation/modification, Denial of service, Double-spend attack, 51% attacks.

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Lecture 7: Proof of Work and Mining

Proof of Work and Mining - What are miners doing? - Bernoulli trials and Poisson process outcome - Transaction fees and block rewards

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Edgeware: A Wasm smart contract platform built on Substrate

Dillon Chen and Raymond Z. of Commonwealth announce Edgeware, a Wasm-based smart contract chain built on Substrate. They’re giving away 90% of tokens to anyone who locks up Ether for a finite amount of time, creating EDGE with ETH. Learn more: This video was recorded at Web3 Summit 2018 in Berlin.

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Lecture 8: Mining In-Depth

Mining In-Depth - Mining difficulty - Hardware (CPU vs GPU vs FPGAs vs ASICs) - Mining pools - Problems with Reliance on Mining

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Parachains vs. Smart Contracts, presented by Adrian Brink at Polkadot Seoul

Join Polkadot Seoul: Adrian Brink of Web3 Foundation explains the benefits of building your decentralized application as a Polkadot parachain. This video was filmed in Seoul in 2018.

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Lecture 19: Smart Contracts, Part 1

Smart Contracts, Part 1 - Difference between a smart contract and a runtime - What to consider when writing a smart contract - What belongs in a smart contract

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Lecture 9: Mechanics of Cryptocurrency

Mechanics of Cryptocurrency - What makes up a transaction? - Ledger vs account models - Anatomy of a Block (transactions and metadata)

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Lecture 15: Proof-of-Stake

Proof-of-Stake - Proof-of-stake vs Proof-of-work - “Nothing at stake” issue and slashing - Benefits and Drawbacks of Proof-of-stake

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